Monday, December 12, 2016


a point in space,
a moment in time

infinite states, infinite layers,
infinite realities, infinite paths

immersed in the ocean of infinity,
beyond space, no space, encompassing all space

immersed in the ocean of infinity,
beyond time, no time, encompassing all time

the end is the beginning,
the beginning is the end

within duality,
all is everything

the path is the obstacle,
the obstacle is growth

from nothing to nothing,
transcend both, everything (in absolute reality) is nothing

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Huwwal awwalu wal akhiru wa-z zahiru wal bathinu
wa Huwa bi kulli syai'in 'aliim

The beginning is a projection of the end,
The exterior is a projection of the interior.

What one gives is what one gets,
What one gets is what one gives.

Every one is a closed system,
Every projection shall return to its origin.

Be your best,
Give your best.

Those who are blessed with transcendence in the cycle,
are the fortunate ones.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


time changes,
the place changes

the name changes,
the players change

yet, the essence of the game remains
what has been is, what is will be..

one letter (that springs with) -in the heart
is a better companion than a thousand words written on books

be steadfast and maintain perseverance on the path of truth,
one who toils towards righteousness will surely receive the barakka from Allah swt

Yaa ayyuhaal insaan innaka kaadi hu ilaa rabbika kad-haa famulaaqiih

Sunday, May 4, 2014


at the end of time,
duality becomes irrelevant

beyond duality,
time is irrelevant

the shell is a reflection of duality,
which do not hold, or even more, do not define the kernel

those who dwell in duality
do not benefit their allotted time

perceiving to be and have everything,
but only to realize an empty shell

kullu man alaihaa faan
wa yabqaa wajhu rabbika dzul djalaali wal ikraam

Monday, August 26, 2013

doubt and anxiety

the doubting mind seeks answers,
only to create more questions

the mind only asks questions,
only the heart full of submission can provide answers

the doubting mind creates anxiety,
the heart full of submission provides peace and tranquility

the heart full of submission is not passive,
yet it is not aggressive

it is centered in its being,
in the now and ever-present


Yaa ayuhannas antum-ul fuqaro’
Ilallahi wallahu huwa ghaniyul hamiid

The richness and glory in the realm of duality
are merely constructs of fleeting perception

True wealth is something that can be brought beyond death,
which for the few may encounter transcendance

Absolute reality is larger than perception,
which manifests from one's state

One's perception confines one's own reality
What one sees reflects one's state